Wedding content creators: the ultimate guide to the hottest wedding trend


Over the past 15 years of being a wedding photographer, I’ve seen some cracking wedding trends come and go.

I remember couples asking everyone and their dog to save their jam jars to put candles and flowers in, wedding photographers doing selective colour edits, and dancefloor flash mobs suddenly appearing, sometimes without letting their photographer know beforehand…

Now for 2023’s biggest wedding trend: wedding content creators. But what the heck are they? Is this craze from across the pond going to stick around? Should you hire one instead of a wedding photographer?

I’m here to break down the nitty-gritty of what wedding content creators are and what they do (as well as a few pesky things you need to consider) to help betrothed couples choose the right professionals for their weddings.


What is a wedding content creator?

A wedding content creator is a professional whose job it is to create social media content of your wedding day, for you to use on whichever social platforms you like to use.

There’s no denying it; we’re fully in the digital age, and social media ain’t going nowhere.
Billions of people enjoy sharing their life’s highlights online, and if you’re one of them, having a wedding content creator on your big day might just be your kinda thang.


Wedding content creator photographing a couple with phone

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels


Wedding photographers vs wedding content creators

Similarly to a wedding photographer and videographer, a wedding content creator captures beautiful photos and videos of your wedding day, which can include getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception too.

While both roles sound alike, they can be pretty different, and rather than replacing wedding photographers, they can be a way of enriching the narrative of your wedding day.


1. Craft vs candid

Wedding photography is an art; it’s a craft that photographers like lil ol’ me have honed over years of experience, developing a specific style of shooting and editing. Wedding photography includes those classic posed photos, as well as more natural moments, and results in high quality images.

Wedding content creators are more casual, capturing authentic photos and videos and interesting candid moments, as if they’re a guest. It’s much less regimented, and you can get some surprising glimpses into your big day.

Having a wedding content creator capturing moments as if from a guest’s point of view means that your actual wedding guests can put down their phones and enjoy the most special and tender moments. Make sure to let your guests know that they can be “unplugged”.


2. Timescale

It can take weeks or even months for wedding photographers to narrow down hundreds of images and painstakingly edit the final shots, with flawless attention to detail.

I estimate 8 weeks to deliver my final gallery of gorgeous wedding photos, which can feel like an eternity to recently-wedded couples. To make that a lil less painful (and because I just can’t wait either) I send over a sneak peek selection of ~80 photos, a mere 48 hours after a wedding, to keep my couples going for a bit and give them something to show their loved ones.

Wedding content creators usually send their full gallery of photos and videos within 24-48 hours, as they don’t tend to edit or tweak.

This is great for married couples who want to be able to share loads of either unedited content, or edit themselves to share on social media soon after their big day, while they wait for their wedding photographer to perfect their photos.


3. The purpose of the photos

Professional wedding photographs usually end up on your mantelpiece, your relatives’ walls, and in your treasured family photo album. They’re photos to keep for a lifetime.

Wedding content creators shoot photos and videos especially for social media, creating videos and photos in the right aspect ratio for Instagram, TikTok, or whichever platform is your fav.

US wedding content creator Plan With Laur puts it perfectly: “While I create you a TikTok that might get a million views, your photographer snaps the photo that you put on your mantel, and your videographer makes the cinematic masterpiece that you play on your anniversary. We all work seamlessly together!”


4 qualities to look for in a wedding content creator

I’m guessing that, if you’re still here by this point, you’re probably pretty interested in hiring a content creator for your wedding. As a seasoned wedding industry expert, there are a few things you should consider, in my professional (and humble) opinion.

1. The aesthetic

This is the easiest one, so I’ll start here – do their photos and videos fit with your vibe?

Browse their website and social media to see examples of their editing, get a feel for their skills and attention to detail. And, most importantly, would their style fit seamlessly into your grid?

It’s best to find a wedding content creator who already has an aesthetic that already complements yours, rather than trying to get them to change their shooting/editing style to match your personal preference.



2. Their experience

Hopefully, they will have gushed about all the amazing weddings they’ve created content for all over their website. Of course, we all start somewhere and that number may be small, but a wedding day is a unique and high-pressure environment, so it’s best for them to have had some experience.

Check to see if they’ve worked with other suppliers, and whether they’ve left testimonials for them, as well as reviews from other wedded couples. These kinds of references are so telling.

If there aren’t any testimonials on their website, typing the business name into a search engine should pull up some reviews on Google Business.


3. Their personality & communication

When it comes down to it, this person is going to be there all day during some of the most special and emotional moments of your life, so you need to get on like a house on fire.

This person will be capturing the wedding guest experience, so it’d be a good idea to think about if they’re the kinda person you’d want to invite to the celebration you are planning.

You should get a grasp of their passion and professionalism from their online presence, but sometimes people can be totally different in person, so organise a meeting or a call to see what your rapport is like.

Whether they have a chatty vibe, respond to questions quickly, and whether they have clear communication with managing expectations are also super important points to ponder.


4. This one is a biggie – insurance

As it’s a new trend, a lot of wedding content creators might be new to the industry or may have set up shop quickly to catch the wave, but they still must have insurance.

It’s something a lot of couples don’t even think about, but it’s so important for all wedding suppliers to have insurance – and that includes wedding photographers and content creators.

Weddings are a busy environment, and guests have often been drinking alcohol, increasing the risk of things going proper tits up.

Equipment insurance, professional indemnity (to do with negligence/libel/slander if a guest has an issue etc.) and public liability are all good for a wedding content creator to have. Wedding venues usually request that suppliers have public liability insurance, as it covers third party property damage and injury caused by a business.


How to find your dream wedding content creator

Though they’re relatively new to the game, you should be able to find wedding content creators in the same ways that you would find your dream wedding photographer.

I went into heaps more detail in a previous blog post, 6 places to find amazing local wedding photographers, but the speedy version is:

  • Search on Google (other search engines are available)
  • Browse wedding directory websites
  • Word of mouth/friend’s endorsements
  • Recommendations from other wedding vendors and venues
  • Search on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Head to a wedding fayre

Once you have a shortlist, make sure to check them against the qualities I listed, and read those testimonials!



Questions to ask potential wedding content creators

You might’ve established some of the answers to these by browsing their website, but in my opinion as a wedding photographer of a decade and a half: you can never have too much information about the person documenting one of the most important days of your life.

  • Do you have insurance?
  • What’s your background and experience in photography?
  • How many weddings have you created content for?
  • What’s your approach to photographing a wedding?
  • What’s your typical workflow on the wedding day?
  • Can we ask you to take specific shots?
  • How do you handle unforeseen events on a wedding day, like wet weather or illness?
  • Do you have back up equipment or other contingency plans?
  • Do you edit the images and videos, or will we receive the raw footage?
  • What equipment and editing software/apps do you use?
  • Where can we use the images and video? Do you wish to be credited on social media? Can we print photos?
  • Can we see more examples of your work?
  • Are you familiar with our wedding venue? If not, will you do a recce before the big day?
  • Can you provide a list of what is included in your packages? Can you be flexible with what’s included?
  • What’s your availability?


So, should you hire a wedding content creator for your big day?

I think that if it’s your kinda thing and it’s within your budget, why not? However, it should be in addition to a wedding photographer, not as a replacement.

I’m super aware of the current cost of living crisis and that many of us are feeling the pinch, so it’s worth remembering that having a content creator at a wedding isn’t a necessity.

We all know that social media isn’t going anywhere, and although wedding content creators are a new concept and unlikely to take the place of a wedding photographer, I think they’ve made enough of an impact on the wedding scene to stick around.

Professionally, I’m all for wedding content creators, as long as we communicate and do the best for our couples, in the same way as other wedding suppliers – by not getting in each other’s way, and making sure things don’t run over time.

Not all wedding photographers will have the same opinion, so check with your wedding photographer (and videographer if you have one) if they are ok with working alongside a wedding content creator.

Many wedding photographers and videographers have an exclusivity clause in their contracts, meaning no one else can take photos or videos (usually due to wedding guests bringing along their cameras), but they may be able to amend this to allow for a wedding content creator.

In the same way that wedding photographers don’t want your uncle disrupting key moments with his point-and-shoot camera with the flash on, they wouldn’t want a wedding content creator to get in the way of “the shot.”

Personally, if I were getting married, I would love more candid footage like that a wedding content creator captures. I think the idea of a wedding content creator is great, but I would do thorough research.

And FYI: I’m now offering iPhone wedding videos as an add-on to my wedding photography packages! If that sounds like something you’d like, get in touch to have a friendly chat with me about it.


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