My wedding photography approach

Let’s be honest, there are SO many options for wedding photographers out there. It can be a little bit difficult to figure out who to choose when there is an endless sea of choices.

My style of photography is fun and laidback, but I’m not afraid to ask 100+ people to hurry for group photos 😂 I’m not a bossy photographer who tries to take over your wedding, far from it!  I love chatting with guests while snapping away, as it helps people relax around me. I try to focus on the natural moments that happen, but group photos and photos of the two of you are super important too.

I photograph weddings like I’d like my own wedding to be photographed, those little moments with the closest people in your life mean so much to you. Your wedding photos should be something you appreciate for the rest of your life, and I’d like to think my colourful editing is timeless. Saying that, we all thought selective colouring edits were ace back in the 00’s… didn’t we? 💀

Before the wedding


If you like my vibe and my photos, we’ll book in a video chat or phone call (I appreciate people have post-lockdown-hating-zoom-syndrome 😅). We can chat all the things about your wedding, I can answer any questions you have and I can ramble about how much I love photography and more about what you can expect on the day-of.

If you decide to book *happy dance*, the next steps are:

– I’ll email over my snazzy booking form and contract

– Once signed (virtually), you’ll have a £500 booking fee to pay

– Once I’ve received the booking fee, I’ll send across an overly-excited email full of info along with my recommended suppliers/industries besties.

– If you fancy, you can book in a pre-wedding photoshoot. (Recommended for couples who feel like actual potatoes infront of the camera potato)

 On the run-up to the wedding, I’ll be checking in to see how you are doing (feel free to send me Insta messages/GIFs of dogs). About 8 weeks before, I’ll send over my wedding questionnaire. This gives me all of the important info I need so that I don’t have to pester anyone for timings on the day. At this point, you’ll have your final wedding chat where we go through everythaang.

On the wedding day


I arrive 2 hours before the ceremony, so I can photograph you or your partner getting ready. This also gives you the right amount of time to get used to being photographed as it feels VERY weird.

I’ll chat with the registrar/vicar/celebrant on where I can stand during the ceremony, and I’ll snap away at guests as they arrive.

After the ceremony is the perfect time for the blummin’ lovely confetti photos. After this point, we’ll get the group photos out the way (more in this further down the page). Then you have time to have a good chat with your guests, and eat some of the bangin’ canapés. I’ll then grab the two of you around 30 minutes before sitting down for speeches/food for some photos away from the guests (more on that further down the page… keep scrolling!)

Once all of those photos are taken, the rest of the day will be me running around taking natural photos of everyone. You know, the ones where people are belly laughing/doing shots/dancing around? They are my jam as I was a nightclub photographer once upon a time when I was a skint student.

After your wedding day

Around 48 hours after the big day, I’ll edit a selection of photos to keep you going until the final gallery is ready. I’ll give you the links to share the sneak peek photos with your friends, and they can also register to be notified once the full gallery is ready.

Depending on your package choice, you’ll get up to 800 images of your amazing wedding day in a password protected gallery online. Feel free to share this with friends and family – I love my photos being shared and used as new profile photos 😂  you can download images from here as you please.

You’ll have full printing rights – if you want to make your own album, you totally can! I work with some incredible makers that produce stunning handmade albums, so if you’d like me to take care of that too, just holla!

No cheese portraits


Let’s be totally honest… I’d say 99.9% of people I’ve photographed have hated their photo being taken. I totally get it! As soon as a camera comes out, it feels super awkward, you think you look weird and all of a sudden you forget how to stand or where to put your hands. I won’t get you to gaze into each other’s eyes, I won’t ask you to think about childhood memories and I will never pose you in a way that feels totally unnatural.

My couples portraits tend to go like this…

– We’ll take 15-25 minutes away from all of your guests, just the three of us…

– I’ll start by just getting you to hold hands/link arms and walk towards me – this gets you used to being in front of the camera without loads of people around.

– We’ll find different locations along the way, and I’ll probably get excited by the backgrounds and the sunlight. I’ll position you both together, and then I’ll give you different things to talk about.

– If we have time, we can nip out for some more couples photos before your night guests arrive. The sunlight is usually *chef’s kiss* and you’ll probably be a lot more relaxed at this point too!

The portraits are the thing that my couples tend to worry about the most. But please be assured – they are so much fun! It’s the first time you’ll be alone together after you’ve said I do, and it’s an amazing time to reflect on what’s just happened. Chances are, you’ll have plenty to talk about anyway, as you’ll want to catch up with each other! I’m just a professional third-wheeler, asking to photograph couples when they look bangin’ in their wedding gear.

Group photos

We’ve all probably been to a wedding where the group photos felt like they took hours. You probably had thoughts such as ‘when will this pain and suffering end?’ and ‘I hope there are canapés left’.

I will be honest, I was never a fan of group photos as they can sometimes take a while, and people get fed up really quickly. But I realised the importance of them, and then my mentality changed. Group photos are the only photos where you and your v close friends, family and wedding parties are frozen together in time (without the aid of alcohol) in your lovely, swanky outfits. These are the photos that are proudly displayed on walls and mantlepieces of your relative’s houses. Sure, they are traditional, but the way they are taken doesn’t have to be!

In my wedding questionnaire, I’ll ask you to put together a list of 8-10 different groups. I never recommend more than 12 maximum, as nobody is happy to stand in one place for over an hour, smiling through the pain of a conveyance belt of photos. Also, as soon as your guests hear ‘group photos!’ they scatter like telling your dog it’s time to go to the vet.

I’m pretty good at herding people like a sheepdog, but I ask for two lucky people to be nominated to point out your friends and family for group photos. I’ll get you all to stand in a line, but you’ll all be cuddling in and having a laugh. I won’t make anyone stand like they are taking a football free kick, and I won’t force people to stand in a way that isn’t comfortable to them.