6 places to find amazing local wedding photographers

Even after 14 years, I always do a lil happy dance and celebrate whenever I get booked as someone’s wedding photographer.

For me, there’s not much better than handing over a gallery jam-packed with beautiful wedding photos to a happy couple, knowing that they will look back on those memories for years to come. It really gives me the warm and fuzzies.

If you’re planning your wedding and wondering how and where to start with booking your dream wedding photographer, don’t worry – I thought I’d help y’all out with a little guide.



1. Be specific on search engines

Google (other search engines are available) is a good place to start when looking for a wedding photographer, but the number of results can be overwhelming. Remember to be patient if you’re starting your search here.

To narrow it down slightly, make sure to pop your wedding venue location in the search bar, to make sure you’re not trawling through a bunch of wedding photographers who are at the opposite end of the country.

For example, searching “Wedding photographer Carlisle” has lots of results, including lil old me. You can add in something that you feel is an important element of your wedding too, such as “colourful” or “lgbtq+ wedding”.

There will still be a lot of results, but don’t lose hope if you get to page 4 of results and feel like you haven’t found the one yet. The right wedding photographer is out there, I promise. And I’ve still got 5 more ways that you could find them…


2. Browse some wedding directory websites

There are quite a few different wedding directories online, but two of the best ones are Bridebook and Hitched – I’m listed on these, as they’re such brilliant free tools that lots of to-be-wed couples and wedding businesses use.

Wedding directories are a great place to get started with wedding planning, as they have countless suppliers for pretty much anything you could need for your wedding day, including wedding photography.

And if you’re planning a sustainable wedding, I’ve got you covered – check out Green Union for a directory of eco-conscious wedding suppliers.



3. Word of mouth & pals’ endorsements

We all love a certified good review – someone you know and trust sharing their advice is the best recommendation you could ask for.

So ask your pals if they’d vouch for the wedding photographer they used, or contact that friend-of-a-friend who’s wedding photos you’ve been fawning over online and ask how it was to spend their special day with that photographer.

Keep in mind that what worked for another couple may not necessarily work for you – people have very different tastes in photography, so don’t hire someone without doing your own research on their photography and editing style, prices, vibes, favourite snacks, etc.


4. Recommendations from wedding vendors and venues

If you’ve already got some of your vendors booked, they’ll defo know a whole bunch of photographers who have been involved in weddings they’ve supplied or hosted, and will be able to give you a list of those they’d vouch for.

Most wedding vendors are super passionate about what they do, and are really keen to help make your big day the best it can possibly be – don’t be afraid to ask, as they probably want to help you build your dream team of wedding suppliers.



5. Comb Instagram and Pinterest for wedding photography

Instagram and Pinterest are awesome for wedding photography inspiration, as they’re both very visual platforms.

Pinterest is more of a search engine than social media, and it’s amazing for planning big events like weddings. Millions of people have wedding inspiration boards, compiled of photos of aesthetics they love.

It can be tricky to find specific wedding photographers on Pinterest, as not all photos have the source attached, but it’s a wonderful place to start getting to know what photography styles you like.

Hopefully all of the lovely wedding photographers on Instagram have got “wedding photographer” in their username or use relevant hashtags, in order for you to discover them.

Some may slip through the net, so this shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all when it comes to your search for the wedding photographer of your dreams.

One great thing about Instagram is that you can save posts to private collections, or have a collaborative saved posts folder with your partner – very handy for finding a wedding photographer that you both love.


6. A day (or two) out at a wedding fayre

Wedding fayres and shows are a cracking place to meet wedding photographers face-to-face and get a feel of their personality, as well as giving you lots of other ideas for your big day.

A quick Google search should come up with a list of wedding events happening in your area. There are so many these days that I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that fits your aesthetic.

I don’t tend to do too many wedding fayres these days – I usually stick to my favourite venue’s wedding fayres, as I trust their word for recommendations.

If you’re based in the north, I like the Fleece at Ruleholme, The Halston’s wedding showcase, and the big wedding fayres in the North such as Cumbria’s Premier Wedding Show and the Great North Wedding Show.

As you’re on my blog, I’m going to assume you like things a little more alternative and colourful, so I reckon you should see if there’s a Quirky Wedding Fayre near you too.


Ok, so now that you know where to look for wedding photographers, I reckon I should give you a little checklist of criteria to narrow down your shortlist – head over to my accompanying blog post 7 criteria to consider when choosing your dream wedding photographer.


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