7 criteria to consider when choosing your dream wedding photographer


Every time someone chooses me as their wedding photographer, it genuinely feels amazing and I can’t believe I get to do this as a job. It’s such a privilege to capture couples wedding days, and know that their photos will be shared with their loved ones and shown to future generations.

It can be tricky to come by your perfect wedding photographer, but it’s also super important – you’re gonna want images of your big day that reflect you as a couple, your love, your personality; photos that you’re proud of.

If you’ve had a read through my accompanying blog post 6 places to search for your dream wedding photographer, you should hopefully have a little shortlist – here’s how to narrow it down, and make sure you choose the right wedding photographer for you.


1. Discover your preferred wedding photography style

Wedding photographers always have their own unique style of shooting, so it’s worth looking through their online portfolio, reading through their website to see if they explain their approach in further detail, browsing their social media, and reading reviews.

Are their photos candid and natural, or do they photograph more traditionally, with set poses? Do you like natural light photography, or do you love the effects of flash and strobe lighting?

If you’re not super familiar with photography, it might be helpful to research different styles before you get started, to give you an idea of what you like. Types of photography styles include:

  • candid/natural
  • editorial
  • reportage/documentary
  • fine art

I’d describe my photography style as relaxed, fun and candid – capturing natural moments and leaving the stuffy poses back in 1985 where they belong. Of course there’s always a few couple and group shots, but I make them as laid-back as poss.


2. Find your favourite wedding photo editing style

This is really important, as a photographer spends years perfecting their edit. Never assume that they can or will match their editing to another photographer’s style.

It’s worth thinking about whether you like dark and moody photos, colourful imagery, or light and bright photography.

My editing style is super colourful, and I don’t desaturate my greens like a lot of other photographers currently do, so my work is more true to life, but with more colourful pizzazz!



3. Ask to see more wedding photos

If you’re still not quite sure, ask to see more (yes I am a poet, and yes I do know it).

Photographers are generally very happy to show you full galleries and slideshows if required. Looking on Instagram can be a good starting point, but photographers rarely share allllll the shots from every wedding.

You might want to see examples of group photos, or photos of the wedding decor which don’t always make it to the ‘gram.

I’m more than happy to share some extra wedding photography galleries with couples who want to see more or how their photos could look in their gallery, just ask 🙂


4. Think about the wedding coverage you want

Consider what you’ve planned for your wedding day, and what you really want photos of. It could be that you’re having a very small and simple wedding, and you only need a few hours to capture photos of just the two of you.

Or you might be having a big ol’ party and want absolutely everything covered – in which case you’ll need a wedding photographer all day to get beautiful photos from getting ready in the morning, until the last stragglers leave the dancefloor.



5. Work out your wedding budget

This is a biggie, and as a wedding photographer myself, of course I’ll sound biased, but… choosing a wedding photographer isn’t the time to be overly frugal.

Good photography and videography creates beautiful memories of your wedding day, reminding you of all the little details and capturing special moments between your most special people.

I know that no one has an endless pot of money (wouldn’t that be nice?) but try not to go for the cheapest option or rope in a family friend to take your wedding photos for free.

Using a photographer who has a different specialism, is just starting out, or isn’t really a photographer at all is a very big risk – I’ve heard horror stories about couples who booked a student to photograph their wedding, and guess what? It went wrong.

(That’s not to say all students take bad photos, as we all start out somewhere – I charged dirt cheap for my first few weddings, but I hired expensive lenses until I could afford to buy my own. Perhaps if you do choose a student photographer, increase your budget slightly so they can hire great equipment.)

If lasting memories of your wedding are a priority for you, I would budget to spend a chunk on a photographer. Perhaps you could save money in other areas by forgoing wedding favours, simplifying your wedding decor or doing your own makeup.



6. Consider the vibes ✨

Your wedding photographer will be at your wedding for anywhere between 2-10 hours, witnessing some really intimate moments between you and your partner, so it’s vital that you trust and vibe with your photographer.

If you’re a fan of dad jokes, silly banter and obscure film references, I may just be the photographer for you… we’ll find out on a video/phone call where we get to know each other better.

Meeting in-person for a chat or having an enquiry call is important. Your wedding photographer wants to get to know you as a couple, so that they can take photos that reflect you guys and your relationship.


7. Research what wedding photography packages include

Have a think about what you’ll want after the big day has come and gone – are you insistent on a physical wedding photo album that you can gather around and flick through as a family, or do you want digital only?

Most photographers will list their wedding photography packages on their website, so make sure you pick one who offers what you want, so that you can live happily ever after with your dreamy wedding photos.



Hopefully these tips will help you find the wedding photographer of your dreams, and you’ll end up with photos that you can’t wait to share on social media, place on your mantelpiece, send to your nan, and use for thank you cards forevermore.

If you’re feeling nervous about having your photo taken, have a read through my recent blog post, 7 cracking photographer-approved tips for relaxed and natural wedding photos.


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