Editing Queue

If you are reading this page, you are one of my lovely couples who are awaiting their wedding photos. I get it, it’s SUPER exciting! The anticipation of waiting to see your wedding day in full.. eek!

I have created this page so that you can all see when and what wedding I’m currently editing. I have lots of emails to keep on top of, especially during my busier months (March – September for photography, and April – November for editing).

All weddings take approx 8 weeks for the full galleries to be edited and uploaded. I edit in order to make sure things stay fair.

I give a much larger than average amount of sneak peek photos to keep you going until the final gallery is ready.

While I appreciate the excitement and imagine you cannot wait to see the photos, it takes me a lot of time to reply to multiple emails asking ‘when will we get our full wedding gallery back?’. Each time I have to answer an email, it takes me away from editing photos – remember, it’s just one person (me) who does everythaaaang in my business!

Please, if you can, look at this page instead to see gallery updates! I really do love hearing from you, but if you email to ask when photos are ready, my reply will always say within 8 weeks as mentioned in the email I sent after your wedding 😊

Sometimes, your photos can take a little bit longer than 8 weeks (usually during the busiest months). I can appreciate this may be frustrating, but I’d much rather take my time to deliver beautiful photos than to rush editing them to hit a deadline.

…plus, I always deliver A LOT more photos than the minimum stated in each package, so waiting a little bit longer is a win for you for extra photos 😉

This page was last updated on Monday 23rd October 2023.

Image Selections (step 1)

H & S – 9th September

C + D – 12th September

M & G – 16th September

S & J – 23rd September

G & R – 25th September

E & B – 21st October

Editing (step 2)

S + A – 2nd September

Final Tweaks + Export (step 3)

Uploading To Gallery (step 4)

S + M – 28th August

Sent To Couple (step 5)

B + B – 12th August

S + C – 1st August

L + Z – 29th July

B + E – 27th May

J + J – 15th July

M + T – 24th June

J + J – 10th June

J + E – 3rd June

E + C – 27th May

J + M – 23rd May

K + J – 2nd May

F + A – 14th April

M & E – 9th April

G + S – 1st April

R + J – 25th March

E + R – 23rd March

A + C – 28th January