22 ideas for entertaining your guests

One of the most overlooked parts of the day, having entertainment at your wedding is the easiest way to make sure your guests all have a bangin’ time. The hour and a half between the ceremony and food/speeches can sometimes be a little bit flat… so, I’ve put together some of my favourite activities from weddings over the past 14 years I’ve been a wedding photographer. 

Lawn games

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love playing any type of lawn games? I’m talking about croquet, ring toss, giant Jenga, rounders, giant Connect-4, Twister and swingball (trust me, SO fun at weddings!)


If people aren’t dancing on the dancefloor, why not have a round of limbo?! You’ll be amazed at how many people would give it a go, and even more amazed by how low people can really go. This always makes for HILARIOUS photos and it can really liven up the atmosphere. Also, you can’t play limbo without playing ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’ by The Merrymen, it’s just wrong otherwise.

Space hopper race

Your uncle Bob + alcohol + space hopper = all-round fun. Nobody can bounce on a space hopper and look elegant, so this is always a really fun activity for guests. Why not add a finish line and get someone to wave a flag? Racing on space hoppers is hilarious to watch, and people love to get involved.

Table song and dance

Bear with me while I explain this one… each table gets given the name of a song, when the song is played, the table has to dance and give it their ALL for the most applause by other guests. This is genuinely one of the most fun wedding activities I’ve ever witnessed, and it was AMAZING! Imagine ‘Sex Bomb’ by Tom Jones blasting out your speakers, and a table filled with your friends and distant relatives having to dance for their lives (and a free round of drinks as a prize) sounds fun, right?!

Temporary tattoo station

I LOVE temporary tattoo stations at weddings. Pop along to your nearest B&M or Claire’s Accessories, and buy the funniest, childish tattoos. It always makes my day seeing an 80-year-old grandad with a unicorn tattoo on his arm. You could go a step above, and get some custom temporary tattoos with your faces and names – but be warned, these ALWAYS end up in inappropriate locations on bodies.

Wedding bake-off

Are you having a huge party and don’t want to spend loads of money on a cake? Why not throw a wedding bake-off! You’d be surprised at how many secret bakers are out there and will rise to the occasion. Get them to pop them on a table at your venue anonymously, pop cards out on all of your tables and host your very own bake-off. Free desserts for all of your guests, variety and someone will feel pleased as punch being declared the winner. 

Boardgame station

Operation, Guess Who, Charades, but NEVER Monopoly at a wedding.

Bouncy castle

One of my favourite things at a wedding – bouncy castles! It always makes my day when drunken adults clear away the children to have a bounce around, and these make for such funny photos.

Sports day games

Sack race, tug of war, three-legged race, egg on a spoon


These always go down a treat at every wedding! Who doesn’t want a portrait of themselves to stick on their fridge at home? 

Table magician

Let’s be real for a second, have you ever met someone who wasn’t amazed by a real-life magician?!

Pub quiz (or wedding guest quiz!)

Everybody loves a good pub quiz, and what better way to do this than on your tables with your guests? Note: there will always be cheaters! So why not make the quiz personalised to guests at your wedding? On the invitations, ask people to give you random fun facts/trivia about themselves and use this information for entertainment (and for potential future blackmail, just sayin’)


A classic photo-booth – I never tire of seeing people in ridiculous wigs and accessories. 

Prosecco/beer pong

Once an American game, the British culture certainly embraced this to the fullest. Make it classier with prosecco pong.

Sweet table

Throw yourself back to childhood and have a delicious sweet table at your shindig.

Non-traditional guestbook

Instant photo selfies, hearts in a shadowbox, thumbprints, wooden signboard, wishing tree, audio guestbook (https://www.audioguestbook.co.uk/)

Doughnut bobbing

I’m not sure what else to call it, but it’s always so much fun. Put up a washing line and tie doughnuts, get guests to eat the doughnuts using only their mouths. VERY very funny and messy.

Fancy dress suitcase

If you don’t fancy a photo-booth, why not put out a suitcase full of accessories and photo props for your guests to have fun with? I love seeing guests with random wigs, sunglasses and inflatables on the dancefloor. 

Welly hurling

A fun game at family fun days where the dads get overly competitive, and even more fun at a wedding (if you have space!) Pop down some knackered wellies and get really competitive people involved.

Pass the parcel

Who doesn’t love to pass the parcel, 20-something years on from their childhood birthday parties? You could include free drink tokens for the bar in each layer. 

Awards ceremony

Make a list of possible award categories and host your own awards ceremony after the food and before the first dance. You could even host a wedding guest ballet, and get them to vote for who they think should win! I’m talking about ‘Most likely to pass out’, ‘Sluttiest groomsman’ and ‘Most likely to cry’

Wedding speech bingo

Put together a fun bingo card for your guests’ tables. Categories could include ‘Speech lasts over 10 minutes’, ‘Marriage in the dictionary is defined as…’, ‘accidental innuendo’ and ‘Where do I begin?’. 

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